Online Therapeautic Support Group

Online Therapeautic Support Group

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Online Therapeutic Peer Support Groups

The Online Therapeutic Peer Support Groups are suitable and tailored for a range of people in different walks of life. This includes but is not limited to: Students, Expats, Young Professionals, Healthcare Professionals, Sporting Teams and Parents. 

This is a safe and confidential space where I facilitate the group to manage any personal challenges or vulnerabilities that they may be experiencing. We engage in discussions around many issues such as anxiety, isolation and loneliness.

Here you learn coping skills and I provide psycho education and support throughout the session. We also have some fun which is really important and each member gets the chance to be seen and heard. Life’s difficulties are normalised and you will connect with others on a very human level.

If you are shy or feel too introverted for something like this, please rest assured there will be no pressure on you to engage at a level you would be uncomfortable with. I ensure that everybody is respected and gets what they need.

  • Groups usually run over a six week period for 90 minutes once a week.
  • The groups can all be tailored to the needs of individuals.
  • Cost for six week group starts at 180.
  • There is a special student rate for this group so please enquire.