Privacy Policy

Security & Confidentiality

Clients are responsible for making the necessary arrangements to ensure confidentiality from their end during sessions and afterwards where computers may be shared.

While the content of the sessions and the client’s identity is treated with the strictest confidence, this may cease should the client be at risk to themselves or others; or there is a risk of harm to children and vulnerable adults. Clients accept that in the name of best practice therapists are required to attend regular supervision and that your identity will remain confidential.


Terms of Agreement

By accepting the terms of use clients agree to comply with the following:

Clients must be over 18.

Clients accept responsibility for checking that the laws in their country of residence permit their use of this service.

Clients have read the policy on confidentiality, security and the terms of use and understand their implications.

Clients agree that the use of the service is for counselling services and not part of any academic study. Clients accept that the publication of details pertaining to therapy sessions must not be undertaken with out the prior written consent of the therapist.

Clients accept that contact between the client and therapist take place within the session, the only exceptions being for the purpose of cancellation or rescheduling or as per contracted by client and therapist.

Clients agree to disclose honestly their medical history and all current medications.

Clients understand that this is not a free service and that all sessions are subject to payment in advance.