Insight Mediation Services

I am a qualified and accredited Mediator with the Mediation Institute of Ireland. I am fully committed to working with individuals to find a resolve to their conflict. 

Mediation is a confidential, voluntary and facilitative process whereby we attempt to resolve your disputes by mutually agreeing an agreement that is accepted by both parties.

"Mediation is the most significant development in dispute resolution in my lifetime.  The development of Mediation has been a dynamic break-through in how we resolve our differences. The practice of mediation will come to dominate the landscape of dispute resolution.  This will happen simply because Mediation is such an effective way of resolving disputes.  Like everyone here at the MII I passionately believe in Mediation's potential to resolve even the most complex, intractable disputes. But it goes much further - in fostering resolution through negotiation rather than confrontation Mediation creates resolutions which last and promote well-being and happiness." (MII President)

I work with community, elder mediation, family, healthcare, workplace and restorative practice.

Please get in touch via email or send a WhatsApp message via the website if you would like to me to work with you.