Frequently Asked Questions

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy or talk therapy is a way of supporting people with mental and emotional difficulties.

As a therapist, I work from a humanistic and integrative approach which puts the relationship between therapist and client at the centre of what I do.  Within this relationship I guide and support you to develop a fuller and truer sense of yourself.  This is facilitated by compassion, non judgement and kindness. I provide a safe space where you can explore difficult thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  Using this person centred approach supports the believe I hold that each person has the ability to grow, heal and find well being in their lives. In therapy I ensure that you are seen, that you are heard and that you are validated.

I also use a trauma informed approach which recognizes that past traumatic experiences impact our wellbeing on physical, mental and spiritual level. I engage with you using the three pilars of trauma informed care, awareness, recognition and engagement.

What happens in a session?

We meet for an initial 30 minute session where we discuss what brings you to therapy. If I believe I can offer you the support you need then we meet for 6 further session. At week 5 we have a review and make decisions to move forward with therapy.

Weekly sessions are 60 minutes long.

How long will I need to attend therapy?

This is one of the questions I get asked most and unfortunately it is not easy to answer.  Each individual is very different but I do work very closely with you to plan the best route of treatment.

Is everything I talk about confidential?

As a therapist I am bound by the code of professional conduct and ethics set out by my governing body.

Everything you say is kept confidential in a therapy session. The exception to this rule is if I as the therapist feel you’re in danger or somebody else is in danger. If I’m concerned about your safety or the safety of others, we will speak about this.