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Hi, I'm Maria Parker

What I Do Here

It is always my deepest privilege to be given the chance to support and guide clients during what may be a very difficult time in their lives. I have worked with all age groups but have a passion for working with young adults.

As a person, I am fun, energetic, caring and engaging. I treat every client as an individual, respecting their personal histories and where they have come from. As a therapist I pride myself on building compassionate therapeutic relationships using a non judgemental approach. I believe that the greatest gift we can give ourselves is the chance to reach our true potential.  I will support you to deepen your understanding of yourself and develop your authenticity. 

What clients say ...

Maria was so kind and empathetic from the beginning. Somehow she managed to help me work through my feelings without me even knowing it and as a result it never felt like a burden to me. Maria created a safe space for me where I felt like I could talk to her about anything.

Individual Session Client

The group was a great support. It was really inspiring to hear other peoples experiences and recognize similarities. It is a lovely space to connect with others. Maria suggested really easy to follow strategies that make a huge difference.

Group Session Client

I spent 4 years attending weekly sessions with Maria and I looked forward to our sessions every week. The work I did with Maria gave me the tools I needed to deal with things myself – whether it is just to change the way I think or to cope when I am not feeling good.

Individual Session Client

It was nice to see and chat to other people in the same situation as me, going through the same struggles with isolation and pressure of college work.

Group Session Client

The sessions with Maria have really changed my life and I am so grateful for all of the effort that she put in.

Individual Session Client

It was an opportunity for informal discussion and idea sharing about issues being faced throughout the week. It was good to hear from others in similar situations and being able to relate to them.

Group Session Client

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